Do you feel like your body, energy level and lack of motivation is holding you back from living your live to the fullest? 

Are you wanting to rev up your vitality and mojo and become truly inspired again by future possibilities for your life?
If you want to:
👉 Get fit and toned & lose weight without diets or strict rules to follow

👉 Drastically increase your energy l

👉 Implement a strategy that will keep you motivated for good

👉 Increase your physical & mental strength & capacity

You may be a good fit for our 12-week program.

This IS what's possible in 12 short weeks. At the end, imagine yourself feeling:
✅ self-confident & comfortable in your own body

✅ fulfilled, happy and healthy

✅ unstoppable

✅ toned & having more energy

✅ fit, strong and powerful

✅ fully self-confident, empowered and comfortable with yourself

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That's All Possible When You Just DECIDE That You Want To Change Things That You Don't Like.

If You Are:

❌ Tired of feeling tired & unhappy
❌ Feeling like you're dragging through life
❌ Looking for ways to improve your life

And Are Ready To Finally:

✅ Feel Unstoppable, Confident & Empowered
✅ Feel Fulfilled & Happy 
✅ Create A Plan For Long-Term Success
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This is Strategy Call We'll Cover:

✅ What your clear goal/destination is and what that looks like
✅ Uncover any mental blocks that have been you from moving forward
✅ Establish the next steps you need to take to achieve your goal(s)

Past Client Experiences  & Results:

What I didn't expect is how easy it was to do this! Now, with the help of this program, I lost 24lbs and have kept it off, but more importantly I feel unstoppable & strong once again!

I'm enjoying life and having energy to play with my kids!

This program helped me take control over my life and my body!
I am now ultimately healthy for my family.

I spend less time in the kitchen, I love my body and I love my life! My headspace is full of positive thoughts and I live in gratitude.
— Lisa L.
I came to Leks for help with weight-loss, but I ended in a complete mind/body transformation!! In just 3 short months, I've dropped 22lbs and I'm feeling like a brand new person!

I've spent years dieting & struggling
only to learn that it's not about metabolism, it's not about your age... it's about your mindset. Thanks to Leks, I never felt better about myself in my life, and I think you can tell from the picture alone where my confidence was and is now. :)

I have completely changed my life: I feel sexy, I feel confident, I feel like I'm on the top of the world!
— Milena L.
"... I have lost 37 pounds, been able to wean off of Prednisone, discovered muscles I never knew I had. With Leks help I look at food in a totally different way and I am building great habits.

Thank You Leks for caring and pushing me to become a better version of myself!"
— Katie Faulkner
"I'm forever thankful that Leks has helped me keep my mind so focused on what is important to what life is really suppose to be needed to be done. My struggle was dead on pierced by words Leks helped me identify in our talks and our work together.

I am down 53lbs and my body is down by whooping 82%!!!!

I have changed my mind and relationship with food since I have known Leks. I had to let go of all the impurities and what it was doing to me and realize why I was "golding" onto it!

It's a way of lifestyle, mindset and how you treat yourself. 🙌Its not the image its the feeling!💥"
— Deborah Borawski
"... I am stronger. I am more resilient. I feel liberated from limits I imposed... I will be a part of her programs if I have to eat grass to keep it up! I lost over 20lbs and I don't even care about the number anymore, I feel unstoppable!

Thank you for helping me find my life!"
— Elizabeth Power
" Thanks to Leks' guidance, I lost total of 37lbs and got in the best shape of my life! I have started creating wonderful new habits with Leks help.

Leks helps you navigate and really dig deep inside yourself to find out what works for you. "
— Madison Hammack
"In 14 years of trying to overcome weight loss then plateauing I finally broke my plateau!!!!! I am down 70 pounds and am ready to see the numbers drop now that I have broken my plateau!!!!! (can you tell I'm excited!??!)

I love that Leks is still one of my biggest cheerleaders!!!"
— Emily Brackman
"... Leks talked to me about cutting out gluten, dairy, sugar, etc. out of my diet to see how I feel. 10 pounds dropped off without any effort. But more so, my gut has gotten close to its happy place! For the first time in my life I don't have stomach issues!

All those years of going to the gastroenterologist for digestive issues but not once was gluten "intolerance" or "sensitivity" mentioned!

Thank you, Leks! You've had a BIG influence!"
— Carole Grooms

So, who is coach Leks? 

You wouldn’t think that the almost 6ft tall, heavily tattooed Amazon Woman used to be a just a broken girl wanting to feel in control of her life and her body. 

Looking at Leks, you wouldn’t know that a few years back, she was a pure gym rat with big muscles believing in hard core dieting and heavy training thinking that "diet & exercise" is the way to achieve goals. 💪💪💪❌❌❌

But now, that same girl would tell you that there is a balance between masculine and feminine energy and that you need both. <3

After investing over 17 years in fitness and nutrition space, running a fitness studio and serving hundreds of clients and even after having a 6-pack a few times in her life, Leks has also been battling weight issues a number of times, dealing with binging, emotional eating and food addiction.
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While taking time to do the much needed inner work, she has found that mental & physical strength go hand in hand. As Leks points out: "I felt the weakest mentally when I was weakest physically."

This big shift happened while she was working on her mental & emotional blocks that helped her find her inner peace and gain balance. She is now teaching her clients to do the same. 

For her, it's not JUST about training hard for the sake of muscles, it's  about helping people challenge themselves mentally & physically so that they can conquer anything in their lives. Leks made it her mission to help people become unstoppable. Leks teaches her clients how to find their own balance while learning to push themselves out of their comfort zone.

In return, her clients are loving the inner transformation of becoming more resilient, empowered and strong, both mentally and physically. 
Because of her revolutionary and unique system: The Vucko Method™, her work has been featured on CBS, FOX and US Daily Ledger, along with a list of local tv and radio stations. She has received a few awards for the fastest growing business in the fitness industry.

Now, as a mom, Leks is focused on her family and being there for them happy and healthy long-term. She wants to show people that no matter what age, you can ALWAYS change your whole life around and create the life that you really love.

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"It took me years to figure out my own balance and happiness.

Looking into oneself and healing, learning what drives you, what triggers you... And then, learning to create a flow between masculine or feminine energy. The secret sauce is in our thoughts, emotions and actions. 

This program is designed to help you become fit, strong and unstoppable, both mentally & physically. It's a gentle push in the direction you know you need to be going, but haven't gone just yet.

After our call, you'll know exactly what steps you can take to achieve your ideal weight goal.

* average weight loss Is 18lbs and 3 dress sizes

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