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Meet the instructors

Leks Vucko

I've been in fitness industry for almost 15 years now. After working in multiple gyms, I have opened my own location in Franklin, TN that I have had for 8 years at which point I had sold it and moved to online space to combine mindset, nutrition and workouts! 

You can do these workouts even if you haven't worked out for years. Just always remember, start small, start gentle and start easy! You got this!
Patrick Jones - Course author
Meet the instructors

Alex Druzny

Alex is a yoga teacher, meditation teacher and Ayurvedic Health Counselor. "I have been practicing yoga since I was pregnant with my second son 9 years ago. I take the time to practice yoga to reconnect with myself and also use yoga as a tool to deal with my anxiety."
All you need is a mat and your awesome self!!! If you are new to yoga, you may want to add props such as a blanket, towel, or a yoga brick. Just remember, start slow and focus on your breath. You will do just fine!
Patrick Jones - Course author
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